About Us

China Sculpture Inc.

Chin Eng Stone Carving has been in the stone carving trade for generations – highly skilled in the art of carving and deeply knowledgeable on the cultural know-hows passed down from generations before.

As remembrance for a late loved one and also as symbol of legacy for generations to come, Chin Eng Stone Carving provides personalized carvings unto tombstones and urn installation. Carvings for plaques can also be customized for commercial uses. It’s ability to withstand harsh conditions are favored for branding names; its strength and durability are auspicious symbolism of longevity for businesses.

With workshops and warehouses located in Singapore and China, customers are assured not only of quality craftwork but fast turn around time. More importantly, their long history is testimonial of their strong knowledge in these auspicious matters, which customers like you can entrust with a peace of mind.